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Atop a dimly lit stage looms a vibrant canvas of modern city culture, alive and pulsing. From this perspective, the DJ stands, eyes vigilantly watching the resplendent scene below. Demons and Angels flow effortlessly around the floor like oil-on-canvas, their skin tones reminiscent of an Ernie Barnes painting’s earth tones. Their clothing adorning the room in a bright and colorful spectrum of skytones. Its a sight to behold and a constant reminder of the dedication and passion of the artist.

Lurking in the shadows are Vanguards, hands trembling in anticipation. Unity radiates from the room as each and every soul close their eyes and commune with the beat. Confidence shines from the faces of the young and daring, their undying commitment speaks for itself. With every Smartphone lifted in the air, a beacon cuts through the fog of the night.

The Clubber’s smiles, sweat and grit become the rhythm of victory as the music continues to bring people together. Reanimated souls glow with pleasure, as the melody of the shakedown calls entrance the floor. No other place can handle the superpower of the birthplace of Skyscape, reigniting a flame of determination inside those hustling and trolling on the dancefloor. Art is alive and well, living loudly through the havoc taking place in the city nightclub, and it draws people together in an unexpected way. #DJBeige #HunkMonk #Music #CityNightClub #DJPerspective #Turntables #Demons #Angels #Dancefloor #Vanguards #Culture #BornToRave

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Heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan. Wait until the pan is hot and the butter has fully melted.

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