This collection of books are straight off the bookshelves of Eugene O. Smith, Jr. the Founder of DC Life Magazine. They represent a diverse offering of reading material that focuses on expansion and manifestation. These books form the literary cornerstone for many of Mr. Smith’s most profound philosophies. Reading each of these books lead him to be a more developed and complete version for his best self.

Founder’s Library

Explore the Founders Library

Greetings, dear readers of DC Life Magazine! As we step into the enchanting realm of 2024 and beyond, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a transformative project that will redefine your spiritual journey—the Founders Library. In sync with our editorial calendar focusing on magic, mysticism, manifestation, and self-discovery through astrology, wellness, and the mind-body connection, the Founders Library is a curated collection of books designed to inspire and guide you on your path of exploration.

Our carefully selected books delve into the realms of “New-Age” spirituality and occult perspectives, offering a diverse tapestry of views that resonate with the curious minds of Gen-Y and younger Gen-X individuals. As many seek to distance themselves from their parents’ traditional religious practices, our collection provides a fresh perspective, inviting readers to discover the rich tapestry of spiritual wisdom that the world has to offer.

Authors and Their Insights:

Explore the works of visionary authors who have dedicated their talents to unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos. From renowned astrologers to spiritual guides, each author brings a unique perspective to the table. Let’s embark on this journey together with this collection of philosophical luminaries.

Publishers and the Essence of the Books:

Behind each enlightening volume lies a visionary publisher committed to fostering a deeper understanding of spirituality. Immerse yourself in the profound offerings from publishers like MysticScribe Press, Illuminated Wisdom Publishing, and Enchanted Quill Books, each contributing to the Founders Library’s mission of broadening spiritual horizons.

Founder's Library

The Gnostic Bible

The Gnostic Bible A collection of Gnostic texts spanning centuries, geographical locations, and cultural traditions—“a wonderful achievement” (Elaine Pagels,...

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