City On Fire

City On Fire


Loose Talk with Director Ali Zamani

DC Life Magazine sat down with the charming Ali Zamani to chat about his award-winning…

Alexander James Rodriguez Releases My Crew

Turning 13 has its natural challenges but add a sprinkle of quarantine, lockdowns, curfews and the need to navigate a new virtual school system, actor turned pop singer Alexander James Rodriguez recorded three catchy pop records in May with the first, ‘My Crew’ released on all digital platforms on 07.07.20.

WriteNowLive: Hyphened-Nation Don’t Check the Box by Nicole Draffen

Inspired by her own travels, Draffen provides a collection of real-life scenarios in her novel,…

UnsignedType: DJ Blustar

The quintessential DJ of the DC Metro area has to be talented, respected and display an eclectic taste in music genres. DJ Blustar of “NO.B.S.” fits the archetype perfectly. He has been celebrated in the music community for his dedication by the illustrious CoalitionDJs brand.

WriteNowLive: Dark Things By David Humphrey, Sr.

Her Angel, mandated by God, must protect Virginia’s life at all costs. When the serial…