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viewers of my paintings are always amazed to see the level of energy I can capture through intense brush strokes and vibrant imagination. In this masterpiece ‘The Sugar Shack’, I bring forth a story of a DJ’s perspective of a typical night in any City Nightclub. The vibrant crimson and deep sepia tones creates an ambient atmosphere that You can feel as soon as you look at the painting.

You see the DJ, lit up by the turntables as they work to create the perfect beat for the dancefloor. The figures of the demons and angels on the dancefloor show the duality of the night, but the bright clothing keeps the energy alive. The mosaic of movement comes alive in this piece as the dancefloor come to life. Think bright sky tones. Bold purples and blues that move like the rhythm of the night.

The complexity of the painting can be seen in its shadows, and the intricate lines that connect the figures. There a sense of chaos and harmony as they mix together to form a beautiful story. Turntables are the source of light, symbols of the power of music and the power of the DJ in the club.

Capturing moments of greatness in paints, I portray with reality and authenticity. Feel the rhythm of the energy in this painting, the story of a City Nightclub DJ as the demons and angels vampire the dancefloor. #TheSugarShack #DJBeige #HunkMonk #UrbanNightclub #DJsView #CrimsonEnergy #SepiaShadows #CityLife #VibrantClothing #LightFromTurntables #LifeOnTheDancefloor

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Heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan. Wait until the pan is hot and the butter has fully melted.

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