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This stunning urban club canvas is a masterpiece that conjours a sense of urban grit and glam from the minds of the one and only D.J.Beige and graphic artist HunkMonk. Viewers of this painting are invited to join the inner workings of the demons and angels dancing on the club’s floor from a combination of an urban landscape and bayou funk.

The perspective of the painting is from from the DJ at the turntables, and the hues and vibrant colors of the painting give the overall painting a soft, serene atmosphere which adds to the allure of the painting. The bright sky tones in the clothing of the subjects bring attention to the person wearing them and draw the eye of the viewer. The earth tones in the skin tones of the dancing figures bring an air of realism and are reminiscent of Ernie Barnes’ painting “The Sugar Shack”.

The figures are painted with bold brushstrokes and in movement, paying homage to the beat of the night, which is directed by the DJ. The figures remind us of the powerful, lively energy of a long night in the club, immersed in the music, dancing, and dreaming.

The end result is an incredibly powerful and unique Urban canvas that brings D.J.Beige’s and HunkMonk’s art to life. A must-have piece for any Urban aficionado or music lover. #DJBeige #HunkMonk #UrbanClub #ErnieBarnes #ghettofabulous #streetcanvas #MuseMemoirs #CityNightclub #TheSugarShack #hoodvibes #expressyourart #movementpainting

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Heat a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan. Wait until the pan is hot and the butter has fully melted.

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