Monthly Editorial Calendar

Weekly Editorial Calendar


  • Theme: New Year, New You (Focus on Self-Improvement & Community)
  • Content: Goal setting workshops, health and wellness features, volunteer opportunities, cultural celebrations for the Lunar New Year.


  • Theme: Black History Month & Love is Love (Celebrate Diversity & Relationships)
  • Content: Profiles of inspiring Black leaders, historical features on DC’s Black communities, date night ideas for Valentine’s Day, LGBTQ+ relationship advice.


  • Theme: Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day (Empowerment & Global Focus)
  • Content: Features on successful women entrepreneurs in DC, international food festivals, travel stories highlighting female globetrotters.


  • Theme: Spring Fashion & Cherry Blossoms (Embrace Beauty & Nature)
  • Content: Sustainable fashion trends, local designer showcases, photography features capturing the beauty of cherry blossoms in DC, tips for eco-friendly living.


  • Theme: AAPI Heritage Month & Mental Health Awareness (Celebrate Diversity & Well-being)
  • Content: Features on Asian American and Pacific Islander cultural celebrations, stories exploring mental health in diverse communities, mindfulness exercises for stress relief.


  • Theme: Family & Summer Fun (Travel, Vacations & Outdoor Activities)
  • Content: Summer vacation ideas, local attractions, local farmers market guides, recommendations for outdoor adventures in the DC area.


  • Theme: Independence Day & Global Cuisine (Hidden American  & Cultural Exploration)
  • Content: Historical features on DC’s Independence Day celebrations, recipes for international barbecue dishes, expats in DC sharing their cultural backgrounds.


  • Theme: Back to School & Cultural Education (Knowledge & Community Building)
  • Content: Tips for multicultural parenting, features on diverse educational resources in DC, museums and historical sites offering enriching experiences.


  • Theme: Hispanic Heritage Month & Fall Fashion (Embrace Diversity & Seasonal Trends)
  • Content: Celebrations of Hispanic Heritage Month, features on Latin American fashion designers, tips for transitioning your wardrobe for fall.


  • Theme: Halloween & Cultural Traditions (Festivities & Global Perspectives)
  • Content: Unique Halloween costume ideas inspired by diverse cultures, explorations of Halloween traditions around the world, fall harvest festivals in the DC area.


  • Theme: Gratitude & Giving Back (Community Focus & Holiday Inspiration)
  • Content: Features on local charities and non-profits, volunteer opportunities during the holiday season, multicultural Thanksgiving recipes, gift guides for diverse audiences.


  • Theme: Holiday Season & New Year’s Eve (Festivities & Reflection)
  • Content: Holiday light displays in DC, winter travel tips for diverse destinations, multicultural holiday traditions, articles on setting goals for the new year

DC Life Magazine: Monthly Editorial Calendar with Planetary Alignment

Our calendar merges a comprehensive overview of our daily content themes aligned with both DC Life’s focus and our audience engagement:


  • Theme: “Moonlit Muses: Fashion & Intuition”
  • Content: Explore style tips, fashion trends, and interviews with local designers. Tap into the moon’s nurturing energy for creative personal expression.


  • Theme: “Fiery Feasts: Food & Adventure”
  • Content: Channel Mars’ energy with restaurant reviews, recipes, and exciting culinary adventures. Ignite your passion for cooking and dining experiences.


  • Theme: “Mercury in Motion: Health & Communication”
  • Content: Engage in discussions on health and wellness. Explore fitness routines, nutrition tips, and mental well-being strategies, using Mercury’s communication power to share informative content.


  • Theme: “Jovial Journeys: Entertainment & Expansion”
  • Content: Embrace growth and abundance with entertainment-focused features. Highlight movies, theater, concerts, and art exhibitions, inspiring cultural exploration.


  • Theme: “Venus Vibes: Relationships & Connection”
  • Content: Welcome the weekend with love and connection. Share relationship advice, date night ideas, and stories of love, fostering a sense of community.


  • Theme: “Saturday Spotlight: People & Power”
  • Content: Delve into profiles and features on inspiring individuals in the community. Celebrate achievements, leadership, and personal growth stories that resonate with readers.

Sunday (Sun ):

  • Theme: “Sunny Sundays: Podcasts & Inspiration”
  • Content: Conclude the week with creative expression through podcasts. Share insightful discussions, interviews, and storytelling to inspire and uplift listeners.


Benefits for Advertisers:

  • Targeted Reach: Align your ad with specific daily themes to reach a relevant audience.
  • Content Synergy: Integrate your brand message seamlessly with engaging content.
  • Increased Engagement: Leverage the emotional and energetic flow of the week to connect with readers.




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