Lillian Dupont Circle- Canvas



This captivating painting captures a unique slice of urban life in Washington D.C. with every brushstroke. Our Urban Alley Surrealism painting shows the texture and complexity of city life while embracing a captivating beauty and endless possibility. The painting’s wide light spaces are contrasted by its more concentrated corner of deep blues and peaceful purples, exuding true pensive thought.

The painting is made with premium grade canvas and comes equipped with environmentally friendly wood frames. Its vibrant tones of black, grey, brown and white will uplift any home, while its intricate brushtrokes will mesmerize any onlooker. The distinct use of the colors #575358, #EDF1FF, #D2CBAF, #2D2A33, and #B9BCB6 offer a stunning and unique range of textures, helping each piece of this bold and exceptional artwork to come to life.

Our Urban Alley Surrealism painting displays the passionate flavor of urban life in Washington, D.C. and offers an eye-catching aesthetic to any wall. The painting is suitable for any room, creating character and quirkiness in any area. Its dreamy and enigmatic vibe combined with its power to inspire is sure to turn any room into something memorable and unforgettable. #UrbanAlley #Surrealism #WashingtonDC #BlackArt #CanvasPainting #UrbanLife #CityLife #Art #Painting #DC #InstaDC #DCgram #MyDCcool

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