Johnston Wyeth of Dupont Circle- Canvas


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Introducing, our brand new Washington, D.C. Urban Alley surrealism painting – a unique and expressive perspective on the city life that pulses through the alleyway of our nation’s capital. Crafted with a modern surrealist touch, this effortless canvas artpiece features realistic brushstrokes of two main colors, a soft sky-blue #EDF1FF and a bold charcoal gray #575358, capture the essence of the hustle and bustle of the city. The artist also incorporates additional nuances of ashy taupe #D2CBAF and metallic black #2D2A33 to bring even more dimension to the piece. Lastly, the warm sandy tones of #B9BCB6 add just the right level of softness to the painting.

Radiating energy and electricity, this one-of-a-kind work of art is a stunning reminder of the dynamic city life of Washington, D.C. Whether you’re an art collector or you’re looking to add some intrigue and energy to your space, this incredible piece will transport you to the urban alleyways of our nation’s capital any day of the year. #BlackArt #UrbanLife #WashingtonDC #SurrealistPainting #Canvas #Artwork #DC #Surrealism #Alley #480wordsDelightfulArt

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