Matt Grech-Smith, co-founder and co-CEO of Swingers Crazy Golf Matt Grech-Smith of Swingers Crazy Golf

I spoke with Matt Grech-Smith, co-founder and co-CEO of Swingers Crazy Golf, a creative mixture of miniature golf.  It combines a party atmosphere with gourmet food and fun activity, catering to a mature crowd. Matt puts his own spin on the art of “competitive socializing”.

Dupont Circle was the beginning location of the first Swingers that opened in Summer of 2021 – right on the back of CoVID.

There are a total of 5 locations (2 in London, NYC (Manhattan), DC (Dupont Circle), and the new location at the Navy Yard in Southeast DC).

It has classic mini golf, cocktail bars, and theatrical immersive surroundings throughout the location. The Navy Yard Swingers location is 25,000 square feet compared to 19,000 square feet in Dupont Circle.

This innovative hot spot boasts beautiful views over the National Stadium and the charming version of an English Pub compliment this location. The inspiration behind Swingers comes from fun fares, English pubs, great British seasides, and lots of British mini golf courses.

Some people have a hunch that the location will have a cheesy feel and have been pleasantly surprised to see the care put into the details of Swingers.

Disco/funk vibes, a super cool environment, and you start playing this really fun game with your friends. Even friends who don’t necessarily do mini golf have appreciated everything this venue has to offer.”  – Matt Grech-Smith

Listen to the audio version of our conversation here on LVL NXT Podcast.