DC Life Magazine Entertainment Editor-At-Large sits down with DJ No Requests of the Coalition DJs DMV. 

DC Life Magazine: You’ve been at the DJ game for a while now, but when would you say was the last accomplishment you feel has made the biggest difference in your career?

“My DJ Career has opened many doors for me, Not one accomplishment being greater than the next, but each accomplishment has been a stepping stone to my success. “


DC: You spin live, what are some of the most challenging venues you’ve had, and why?

“The most challenging venue would have to be Maryland Live! Due to the diversity of the crowd. Maryland Live is a cultural melting pot. I also battle age gaps and versatile demographics! “


DC: Do you remember the moment when you knew you wanted to become a DJ?

“It was my sophomore year of college, me and roommates would always throw parties, my music selection was the most extensive, so they would always pick me to play the music. At that moment I knew DJing was something that would be promising for me. We had MANY successful parties! “


DC: DJ No Requests what’s the vibe you try to project from The DMV to the rest of the world?

“Being From the DMV, we have our own style for everything, and parting is no exception. We have a “Look at the cool kids” vibe everywhere we go. We are cool and calm. But we also love a good time. “


DC: Of your favorite local music, what songs would you recommend to someone who hasn’t listened to DMV music before?

“Our local music is so diverse, that picking just a couple songs is challenging! But I would have to say any go-go. Go-go is the official sound of the DMV. It’s something of our own and heavily influences the DMV music culture. ” 


DC: What’s next on the horizon for DJ No Requests? What are some goals for 2019, and beyond?

“2019 is the year of Expansion. I’m always looking for ways to step outside of the norm, to get people’s attention. Expanding as a brand is the goal now and forever. Making DJ No Requests and Don’t Ask Me Sh*t household names not only music but as a Lifestyle! “


DC: Any quotes or beliefs you live by that help you?

“Learn To maneuver the Valleys, and The Mountains will work themselves out” It Simply Mean to relax, and just go with the flow. Being a DJ I face many stressful challenges, but they are experiences I need to be well rounded DJ… Learning to just except the lesson and learn what I need to be taught. “

*** New Music Wednesdays™ is a platform for independent musicians in the DMV to present their music in the presence of the regions hottest Club DJs. The Coalition DJs DMV Chapter uses social media, live streaming and recorded video to draw the exposure of the Coalition DJs™ Chapters in other regions. The other chapters see the performances and inquire about artists that they know will see success in their city. This allows these independent artists to gain the most “real”, and most valuable type of exposure. We provide a way for the local artist to potentially get played to their most-valuable market in the most natural experiential marketing event, “the nightclub”. The Coalitions DJs are the first and only DJ crew to be written about in the Wall Street Journal®, and the first and only to awarded their own unique” Media Unit” status to be recorded by Neilson® and BDS® for Grammy® and other award computation.