‘Hi, My name is Ghazel Sultan with DC Life Magazine and today we are here in Old Town, Alexandria at Zoe Boutique… umm… wait, can we do that over again?’ So that was a glimpse of my Sunday evening. While most people were watching football or grabbing dinner with friends, I was standing outside Zoe Boutique with a camera in my face and no experience whatsoever but I wouldn’t trade that for anything else!

However, I learned something new that day: everything is harder when there is a camcorder recording your every move. Don’t get me wrong, I secretly enjoyed every minute of it. I felt like Giuliana Rancic from E! News: living the fast life and so close to having my own reality show. But people on TV definitely make it look a lot easier, it’s hard to be a natural at something so unnatural: facing a camera and talking to it as if it were a person. No wonder there are schools to get better at these kinds of things!

Nevertheless, interviewing Susan Gerock was overall a great experience. Susan designed the boutique using her own personal taste, from the plum colored walls to the wrap dresses on the mannequin,  the entire store burst with her individual style! So when you give a piece of yourself to your job, there is no way you won’t love it!

It was inspiring talking to someone who loved what they did. Susan’s eyes would light up as she talked about her clothes and how this boutique was her calling. So the interview gave me a bit of hope that one day I will be as passionate about my career as she is.

By: Ghazel Sultan