I’m not sure why I don’t venture to Adams Morgan on a more regular basis. The streets are lined with wonderful restaurants, bars, and clothing stores, and the eclectic neighborhood seems to beg for casual strolls day or night. My stroll today led me to one of DC’s best, Violet Boutique. In keeping with the theme of the name, the brick exterior was painted a shade of violet and three huge windows offered a peak of the beautiful clothing inside.

I was immediately impressed when I walked through the doors. The layout was simple and sleek, and the clothing organized with a clear color story in mind. Looking through the dresses, tops, and bottoms my heart started to race with excitement – each piece was not only beautiful but also affordable. Every article of clothing, including denim, averaged around $50. My kind of store! Given this is the season for outdoor festivals, waterfront outings, and a lot of walking; I like to keep things a little less designer, and a little more outdoor friendly. Bright reds, mint greens, crisp whites, and soft yellows had my mind racing – what would work best for Sweetlife Festival, an upcoming trip to New York City, Memorial Day weekend, and of course… brunching.

In addition to clothing for all of spring’s fun activities, I also found a number of pieces that are office appropriate. Now, when I say office appropriate, consider your environment – I don’t believe an office of all suits, demure pumps, pearls, and ballet buns would mesh well with a bright peplum top or striped shift dress. You be the judge though! If your office is equipped with ping-pong and foosball table, by all means, wear the bright dress and bauble necklace. Violet Boutique seems to have a little bit of everything for every occasion, and for everyone.

So far, my focus has been on the variety of clothing offered, but trust me, the store ambiance and customer service are also a huge reason why Violet Boutique has already captured the hearts of DC shoppers. The wallpapered walls, dark hardwood floors, and modern chandelier all added to the shopping experience, as well as the friendly and stylish sales associates. For all the reasons listed, plus the many you will experience yourself, this boutique is now at the top of my “love” list.

*Located at 2439 18th St NW  Washington, DC 20009