We’re all guilty of it: those awesome trends we see on the pages of magazines that we promise ourselves we’ll try, but never do.  We see other women on the street pulling them off with effortless ease, and think, I have to try that.  Well ladies, with the start of August, it’s now or never! While every trend isn’t for every fashionista out there, these trends can be tailored to your personal style and flatter anyone, I promise!  The best part? They’re all temporary.  So cast those doubts aside and roll up your sleeves, because it’s time to close out summer with a (fashionable) bang!

Trend 1: The nail effect

Nail art quickly became one of the biggest trends this summer.  From the ombré effect, where nails get gradually lighter or darker in shades of colors that range from grey to black, or baby pink to hot pink, this trend is great because you pick the color!  Headed to the beach? Maybe a fun fluorescent pink or orange is just what you need!  Want to try the trend but work in an office environment?  No problem!  Try this trend is shades of nude pink or tan for a subtle, but still fun look.  Another fabulous nail trend?  Paint all of your nails one shade, except for your ring fingers, which will be a different color.  I’ve worn the trend myself, and painted the ring fingers either a complimentary shade to the polish I chose for the rest of my nails, or paint them in silver or gold for extra fun and sparkle!  Nails are the easiest trend to try, because they’re tailored specifically to your tastes, and can be changed at any time.  So go ahead, try it!

Trend 2: Colored Hair

Now, I’m not suggesting that you do those sun-kissed highlights yourself, because we’ve all seen the blonde-turned-orange-streak disaster.  What I am suggesting is trying the new hair chalking trend.  From one piece streaks in purple or pink to the tye-dye-tips in various shades, this trend can be as colorful as you like!  The best part about hair chalk kits is that they come with a variety of colors that wash out the next time you wash your hair.  I’d suggest testing the colors on a piece of hair underneath and in the back at first, in case you don’t like it.  Once you find your color, embrace it! Streak the bottom of some pieces for a fun night out or at the beach, or you can use multiple colors on the ends for the tye-dye effect.  Either way, you’re bound to add some fun to your look with just a few easy swipes of chalk!

Trend 3: Bronzer

Didn’t get to squeeze in that beach vacation? Has your tan faded? Well no worries, ladies, because the bronze gods have answered our prayers with the creation of bronzer created specifically for your face.  With options ranging from tinted moisturizer to bronzing powder, it’s gotten even easier to fake the summer glow.  My personal favorite? Nars “Laguna” bronzer, which compliments every shade of skin, I swear.  It doesn’t streak and doesn’t have the fake-tan-orange look to it.  Just a few simple swipes and your entire face is glowing with what could fool anyone as a day spent lounging in the sun.