Transitioning from the beach life to the politically-chic life

Maha’s Transition to Washington D.C.

Sharing a city with Disney World was what any child could want from their hometown. It was exciting and I was proud to say “Yeah, I’m from Orlando, you know, where Disney is.” As I grew older, I started to crave more opportunity. And that’s what brought me here: A mixture of change, opportunity and a chance for a high-profile lifestyle. The term different seems to be an understatement when comparing my hometown and DC. Everything about DC screams diversity- The variety, the people and the places. It’s definitely a delight to be in this sophisticated-edgy city. And being able to write for DC Life magazine, while I am growing into the city, is even more of delight because I am learning something new every day!

Here, being up-to-date with trends and politics is not an option, it’s expected. Whereas being laidback and in shape is expected in Florida. Don’t get me wrong, living in Florida definitely has its perks. The weather, the beaches, the tourist attractions, the Gators… but I guess there comes a point in everyone’s life where change becomes a necessary part of growing up. So, DC, you are officially now my next transition in this journey, my home away from home! I can’t wait until we become even more acquainted. My first step in getting acquainted with the city was to explore some of the local boutiques. There was one that stood out to me as more “DC” than the other two that I visited thus far, it’s called Hu’s Wear. Maybe because it was what I envisioned a DC-boutique to be like and contain. It had stuff for the modestly-simple, the politically chic, the retro-trendy and the vintage lovers. But I am sure there are plenty more unique boutiques in this fashion-forward place that I have yet to explore!

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