Lady GaGa’s “Just Dance” was a huge hit that captured many women’s imaginations, but it was the line “I lost my keys, I lost my phone” that really got independent Canadian entrepreneur/fashion designer Elizabeth Anne thinking. Elizabeth, a 27-year-old woman from Vancouver, Canada, came up with the innovative product she calls “Purse n Boots” in 2009, when she began work on a pair of designer boots with interior pockets specially made to fit smartphones, keys, credit card, and cash.  She calls them, appropriately, “the world’s first purse for your feet”.

“I created Purse n Boots because I wanted to give women the ability to dance, travel and shop purse free,” says Elizabeth, now the CEO of Elizabeth Anne Shoes Inc, who already has the “Purse n Boots” concept patented and selling online at  She called the process of bringing the boots to the public “DIY fashion”.

Made of the highest grade napa leathers and equipped with a 3 mm rubber sole for added traction, “Purse n Boots” doesn’t skimp on the quality, a conscious decision on Elizabeth Anne’s part. “I wanted everything to do with the boots to be the best of the best, so I chose the top of the line materials. I didn’t want to compromise and release a lesser product in order to make the process easier. Good quality prevails and makes it through any economy because there are always people who want the best. My hope is that ‘Purse n Boots’ becomes a bona fide trend and women enjoy them for years to come.”

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