I have currently almost reached my one month anniversary of being back at an American university. After studying and living abroad for the past year, moving back onto The University of Maryland campus has been the greatest reverse culture shock I have thus experienced. Everyone always warned me about this reverse culture shock I would experience upon my arrival back in the states. However; I did not quite understand what they were speaking of until I arrived back on campus. Not only have I experienced a difference in academics but the social culture varies as well. As for academics, I now notice how the students in Copenhagen and London were much more vocal toward their professors in the classroom. At times I was surprised by their bluntness. Students would explain to the professor that they did not enjoy a specific discussion or assignment. Student’s bluntness extremely surprised me as my experiences in the US has always shown me that students remain polite, to professors, and rarely do not question or challenge their instructor’s opinions and instructions. Now, onto the variation in the social culture. You must forgive me, but of course, with my fashion-focused mind, the main difference I took notice of was the contrast of the fashion and dressing of students in both the classroom and about campus. Abroad, students dressed up for class, appearing in trendy outfits with me, of course, relishing in this atmosphere and concept. Whereas, The University of Maryland shares a much more laid back atmosphere of fashion and classroom style. I am in no way arguing that one campus style proves superior to the other. While I must admit that I miss the style seen throughout my Copenhagen and London University campuses, I am enjoying being back on “my quintessential” American campus. Slowly, but steadily, I am adjusting back into the “American” way of University life and culture. The jury continues to be out on which I prefer, after all, I have only been back a month!

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