After several months of wanting to do this, I finally brought myself out to the Potomac River to go paddle boating! Were the wait and heat worth it? Yes, it was.  If paddling on a serene river and taking in nature is your thing, maybe paddle boating is something to add to your “DC bucket list.” Not to mention, great workout. Especially since our boat consisted of three girls, two in which were paddlers for the day. There are so many more things I want to discover about DC this spring. Fort Marcy is definitely one of them. I unintentionally discovered this park as I was lost on my way home from the city. Even though I was frustrated as ever, (My GPS was going nuts on me) I couldn’t help but notice a ‘scenic view’ sign and pull over. Although by now it was nightfall, what I could pick out from the view was gorgeous. Something I definitely want to come back to witness during operating hours. I’ll let you know how it goes! If you know of any great places to check out this spring in DC, please do share! I would still consider myself somewhat “tourist status,” (Since I am still a newbie in the area) so anything and everything outdoors would appeal to me. And I shall keep you posted on my adventures as well! Until next time, see ya!