You might have seen him On Gossip Girl, America’s Next Top Model or perhaps Iron Chef, but on February 1st, Simon Doonan celebrated the release of his new book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat at W Washington D.C. where he greeted fans during his book signing on a fancy stage in the W Rooftop Altitude Ballroom which to me, signified his sparkly personality.  Simon Doonan is known for writing several books, including Wacky Chicks-which landed him the title of a best-selling author for an entire week when he ranked #9 on the L.A. Times best-seller list in 2003. Other books include Confessions of a Window Dresser and Beautiful People. Most fashion followers recognize Doonan as the fashion icon for Barney’s New York as well as the Creative Director at Large. His new book, written in a humorous tone, is full of inspirations to living well and healthy, Doonan style.

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