Have you ever woken up the morning after a special night with your significant other (or not so significant), and all you wanted to do was wear his t-shirt with the scent of his cologne still lingering on it? Well now, not only is it an easy go-to, but it is also a fashion statement. One of the hottest trends for the summer was boyishly cute clothing inspired by the men. From oversized blazers and jeans to large button-downs and loafers; these have become the new staples that should be in every woman’s closet. The trick to wearing these pieces is to mix and match the feminine with the masculine. If you wear it all at once, you will end up looking like your boyfriend. When you wear your baggy boyfriend jeans, settle for a tighter blouse and vice versa when wearing a boyfriend t-shirt. Here are the tomboy chic staples you need in your closet for this year. Lucky for you, some of them may be in your boyfriend’s closet.

The boyfriend jeans are a very versatile piece that can tone down an overly dressed up outfit. It may be tricky to find the right fit for you, but once you’ve found it; there are plenty of styling possibilities. You can dress them up with heels or dress it down with your fresh sneaker wedges. Be sure to roll up the pants legs so that you can show your shoes off.

Your boyfriend blazer will come in handy at work, on your date, as your go-to lunch date outfit with your friends. So basically everywhere. You can even wear this with your boyfriend jeans for a cute casual look is you put the pieces together correctly. Don’t just get it in black and beige; there are plenty of colors to wear to match the brightness of summer. Be sure to roll your sleeves up; leave the rolled down look for work.

Your boyfriend tee is easily described as your boyfriend’s tee. A light and cool v neck that falls right above the thighs with sleeves that drag slightly off your shoulders. It’s super cute when you do the “sloppy tuck” with the shirt by tucking a section of the front inside of your jeans and letting the rest of the shirt hang out. The same goes for the button down version, that gives a tomboy chic look to your ensemble. This creates its own high low effect. It is very easy to slip on for a simple casual look, but you can also play it up with wearing statement jewelry and a pop of color to the lips.

You can never complete a great outfit without a show-stopping pair of shoes. But some days, the heels are not cutting it. Step out with some of the cutest pair of Prada loafers you have ever laid eyes on. They give a sophisticated edge to your wardrobe that you see in those o-so-fine stockbrokers in New York. They are perfect for those who are more of a girly-girl or laid back hipsters that want to run their errands in style. But if you have more of an edgier style, go for the Steve Madden loafers that are decked out in spikes and metallic to make people take a double take at your shoes.