Happy New Year everyone! We all received a few vacation days and celebrated January 1st at exactly 12 am and then come Monday we went back to our daily lives. Whatever happened to New Year resolutions? I stopped creating resolutions for myself because I have too much to resolve! I couldn’t recall how 2011 flew by so I am sure 2012 will be just the same. So this year I am keeping it simple, I promise to do little things in the day just to make me happy.

My mundane routine of waking up, going to work, coming home and not knowing where the time goes is really taking the creative out of me. I am literally wearing plain jeans and a navy blue zip-up as I write this: lost cause. But today I am going to go shopping for something great, even if it is just a scarf. I am the kind of person that would squeal at the thought of wearing something new the next day; it helps me wake up when my alarm rings at 6:50 am. However, life gets so hectic following the day to day routine that I hardly have time to sit in front of my closet and find something great to wear. Therefore, I am going to put myself to a challenge: to not spend too long getting ready and still look great. Seems easy but for most girls, this is close to impossible! That is why instead of going shopping for clothes, I am going to go shopping for necklaces, scarves, hats, and even cute shoes. That way, if I am wearing jeans and a blah top, it won’t look so bad with a colorful scarf or what not. Let’s see… Tell you how it goes!

By: Ghazel Sultan