Bold colors are known to uplift your day-to-day life!

I have heard people say “wearing too much black will bring you down.” Or, “Intelligent people choose green.” Sure enough, studies have proven that colors do in fact have an impact on our mood just like they do in the advertising and marketing industry. In the world of business, color is a major investment. Why do you think most fast-food chains use red and yellow as some of their main colors? Because they know that these colors are pretty powerful against the human eye and actually have the ability to boost or promote appetite. They are known as the “mood-changing colors.” So if our mood can change just by coming into contact with these colors, perhaps the same applies for when we’re wearing them.

Common mood-changing colors: Red, purple, yellow, green and blue. These days, you will not have trouble finding accessories in these colors. They are very much so in style! Accessories are ideal for that perfect splash of color needed to make any ordinary outfit, extraordinary.

Red and Purple: Red and purple are known to provide energy. If you have a long day ahead of you in the office, maybe red or purple is the color you should consider. These colors are also known to promote adrenaline, giving you a burst of energy. Kind of like Gatorade does for your body. Red symbolizes passion, whereas purple is associated with sophistication.

Red Tip: To add just a pop of red, throw on some red lips! Yes, red lips are back in season and Mac’s Russian Red or Ruby woo are perfect ways to find that perfect shade of power.

Purple Tip: To add some sophistication, complete your outfit with a purple scarf! Like a crayon purple Lindsay Phillips classy bow scarf. Not only is the look sophisticated, but it’s also modern classy!

Yellow: When I think of yellow, I think of the classic smiley face that came with my peace sign stickers, and therefore I think happiness. After all, that’s what yellow promotes. It’s a daring color to wear, but those who can pull it off, do so in a clever way. The color promotes concentration too! Students, take note.

Yellow Tip: I came across these yellow flower stud earnings on Betsey Johnson’s website and found them to be so adorable and playful. To add a bit of sass to your outfit, add these cute little studs to your wardrobe!

Green: Just like grass, green is known to relax and refresh. You might notice it’s a pretty popular choice for decorators too. This is because the color is known to be one of the easiest on the eye. Wearing green can brighten your outfit with that necessary pop of color and refreshment.

Green Tip: The other day I when I was in Georgetown, I found the cutest shoes at H&M. it wasn’t the design that caught my eye, it was the Grass-green color. I tried them on with a plain T-shirt and a casual blazer and my outfit suddenly transformed from plain Jane to trendy chic.

Blue: Just like the tranquil ocean, blue is known to calm and soothe. However, too much of it can also lead to depression! So depending on the depth of the color, it’s important to surround yourself with the accurate amount.

Blue Tip: I am absolutely in love with royal blue these days. It’s so rich and charming, and just adding blue can make a huge fashion statement. Next time you want to add a statement piece to your outfit, consider a blue clutch like the one I found also at H&M.