“I look at my blog as a way to hold DC’s hand and slowly walk it towards the style/fashion light.” Lacey Maffettone

Fashion bloggers have taken the fashion world by storm and are being dubbed fashion’s newest tastemakers. Fashion bloggers have cultivated an extraordinary online fashion community, their blogs reaching thousands of views each day. Today’s fashion world is extremely affected by “this outside world of fashion” as these fashion bloggers bring a “realistic” approach to everyday style. In recent years, DC fashion blogging has gained momentum bringing style inspiration to, what some consider, “a conservative fashion community”.

This marks the start of DC Life Magazine’s “mini-series” featuring DC’s most influential fashion bloggers.

Lacey Maffettone from A Lacey Perspective

Meet fashion blogger Lacey Maffettone the force behind, the fashion blog, A Lacey Perspective. Lacey not only contains a major style influence over the DC area, yet, she can also add cofounder of DC’s CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers), an organization which unites DC area bloggers and enables them to connect, collaborate, and organize events throughout the DC area, to her resume. Lastly, we cannot leave out that Lacey is currently in the top 10 for Refinery29’s Next Big Style Blogger Contest! With a full plate of blogging and running CapFABB Lacey still kindly found the time to answer a few questions!


Can you tell us a little about your blog?

I started A Lacey Perspective in June of 2010.

I was originally not planning on being a style blog; I started out as a fashion blog (fashion blogs don’t highlight the individual’s style). Then one day a reader emailed me saying, “You have so much to say about DC’s style, but what are you wearing?” I took that as a challenge and being one to never back down from a challenge, I began posting outfit posts. Now that has become more of what my readers want from me. I am truly honored that they want to see more of me and not just read about what I think is “in”.

I look at my blog as a way to hold DC’s hand and slowly walk it towards the style/fashion light. I shoot for outfits that would not be too outrageous for the District but give it a bit of a twist. I hope I challenge DC ladies to take a risk with their ensemble choices. For example, mixing prints with typical business casual pieces or color blocking. I think DC has it’s own style because of the lifestyle we all live and I see in the future DC is the place to go for business casual chic inspiration.

How did you decide to begin blogging?

I have been blogging for about a year and a half now. When I was in college I had a blog for a bit but it was more just for me to put all of my favorite inspiration photos in one place not my thoughts and looks to be available for the masses.  It started as a place for me to either vent about my frustration of Washingtonian’s fashion choices, point out fashionable women in the DC limelight who take a fashion risk or to post my personal style inspiration.

How would you describe your personal style?

In 5 words: Classic, Vintage, Preppy, Glamour & Feminine

What is your go-to outfit for everyday wear?

Dark skinny jeans, a colorful silk blouse (normally pink or red – my fav colors to wear), leopard smoking flats and lots of jewelry to add sparkle.

How would you describe DC fashion? Where do you hope to see DC fashion go?

DC’s style to me is either two things – a business suit or jeans and a tee. I know that DC is a city of some of the hardest working people in the nation, but I think it is time to show that we respect ourselves as well as our work. I’m hoping to change that all or nothing habit, along with my fellow CapFABBers, one post at a time.

I think DC has it’s own style because of the lifestyle we all live and I see in the future DC is the place to go for business casual chic inspiration.

What are your favorite places to shop in DC?

Local: Violet Boutique & Meeps Vintage
Not Local: Zara, H&M, and JCrew

What do you love most about DC?

I have lived in DC for almost three years now and have had the pleasure of experiencing all different angles of its awesomeness – from jazz clubs to eastern market to international cuisine to events at the White House. I truly have fallen for DC. I don’t think I can pick just one thing about DC I love. It has all four season, it is a perfect mix of north and south and the people are all so interesting and diverse.

What are your favorite activities to do in DC?

I love attending jazz clubs with my beau, going to Lauriol Plaza with my girls and splitting a pitcher of their delicious margaritas and a bowl of queso and I love shopping in Georgetown on a beautiful DC day.

Where do you find the majority of inspiration for your outfits?

Fellow bloggers, street style pics and store windows. The key is taking that inspiration and making it yours.

What are your favorite spring 2012 fashion trends?

Pastels, neons, and florals.

Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?

I get this question often and I always struggle with my answer. I love blogging, not only because of the creative outlet it provides but because of the community it opened me to, and I am not sure what more I could currently ask for.

I hope that ALP continues to inspire an increasing number of women to take a risk with their daily looks, I toy with the idea of offering my styling skills as a service and my love for my blog has me debating entering the fashion industry here in DC.

What is your advice to aspiring fashion bloggers, especially aspiring fashion bloggers in the DC area?

Be you – simple, corny but so true. People read your blog to get to know you, your likes and dislikes and get to know your style. DC is so diverse that there is no doubt there will be an audience out there for you and your style.

Also, find your niche and stick to it. Whether it is that you love bags, beauty or perhaps love the more hipster look. Stick to that theme and run with it – your readers will appreciate the consistency.

In addition, write as you speak. Readers want to hear your voice when they read your posts. Have a voice, your individual voice, and write like it. Don’t try to be someone else. I for one, am goofy, and that is very clear in my writing. Writing for a blog and writing for a news piece are two very different things. Have fun with it!

Lastly, join CapFABB (shameless plug), you will learn so much from your fellow DC bloggers.