Lunaventi Lingerie Show in Georgetown, DC

Have you ever had a completely different experience in the same place? Well, last week was one of those days. Driving to Georgetown, parking by the waterfront and then walking straight to Urban Outfitters is a normal Saturday in my world. However, that completely changed after meeting up in Dean & Deluca with Gigi Smith, Managing Editor of DC Life Magazine to make our way to the Lunaventi Lingerie show in Georgetown. It was definitely a night in Italy! As we made our way down the narrow cobblestone streets away from the busy main roads, I experienced a different world! There were small restaurants crowded with chattering customers, who were visible through the large glass windows, which showcased mouthwatering authentic food. Outside one restaurant were seating areas abandoned due to the chilly weather. Although the restaurants were so closely connected and were covered with the same bricked walls, they still managed to have a personality of its own, which you would only notice if you walked inside or peaked through the windows. I just took it all in and promised that I would take more advantage of living seventeen minutes away from Georgetown.

On that note, we finally arrived at the double door entrance of L2 lounge, which I would not have found if it wasn’t for Gigi leading the way. Upon entering the lounge, we checked in our coats and were greeted with purple lights and red rose peddles lead the way to different seating areas in the lounge. The bar was decorated with Valentine’s Day candy which really set the mood for a lingerie show (great present ideas for your significant other). As we walked around admiring the lingerie neatly placed on different tables around the hall, my eyes stopped to admire all the different slideshows placed on the empty walls of models modeling the lingerie. I thought of it as a perfect way to advertise the lingerie because any girl would want to look like those amazing models that posed in the lingerie being sold.

After speaking with Monica Tierney, owner of Lunaventi educating us about the lingerie, we walked around admiring the pieces. Each set of lingerie had its own unique flare to it, whether it was decorated with finely printed lace made to look sexy yet classy or the added flares to create a fun look to the sassy pieces, they were all exceptional! I particularly fell in love with the table of the undergarments where the bottom didn’t need to be matched with the top piece, which for some caught my attention. In most lingerie stores, the top piece has a bottom piece but that wasn’t the case here. Some of the bras were made to mix and match with different bottoms, which didn’t seem as though it would look bizarre at all because the lace and the style of the bras matched the whole collection! Those were definitely a must have.

There were a lot of creative pieces to the collection that caught my eye. So keep a look out for Lunaventi Lingerie for classy yet sexy style.

By: Ghazel Sultan