Sarah Worley joins DC Life Magazine!

Hey, Y’all! My name is Sarah Worley and I’m one of the newest interns for DC Life Magazine this summer! I’m heading into my senior year at Virginia Tech studying Communication and German (Go Hokies!). Although I love my little school in southern Virginia (as you can see I’ve picked up some southern habits), and I’m still trying to think of ways to extend my stay there, city-life is the only life for me! I’ve always grown up in the suburbs of major cities, from Atlanta, Raleigh, to Washington, D.C., so I’ve always craved the culture, fast-paced lifestyle, and fashions from the city.  I’m so excited to dive into the culture and diversity of D.C!

My parent’s call it a shopping-problem, I call it a passion: I’m always scouring the mall, the Internet, fashion magazines, wherever, for the next best trend in fashion and beauty products. Fashion is what makes life and people interesting to me. It’s constantly changing and evolving and it’s so exciting to see what designers will roll out with next and what will catch on in the mainstream population. It’s also become something that’s made me passionate about writing and journalism.

Stay tuned for more from me!