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Jessica Farley joins DC Life Magazine.

Hey there! My name is Jessica Farley, and I’m an intern with DC Life Magazine. A native New Jerseyan, I’ve been a resident of the DC Metropolitan area for the past three years while studying Communication at George Mason University (located in Fairfax, VA). What can I say? It’s been love ever since. I feel as though the DC area is unique in all that it has to offer, and it is with the great zest that I explore the many remarkable facets of our nation’s capital.

It is essential, in my eyes, to always find the beauty and humor in life; I like to take this approach to my writing as well.  Through writing, I am able to encapsulate the beauty of something with words- like a written snapshot.

What interests me? A thorough answer to this question could take days, weeks, or even months, so I’ll offer an abridged version.  In typical feminine form, I have always had a great interest in all things related to fashion. This is reflected in not only my daily morning ordeal of what to wear but in much of what I choose to write about. I also consider myself a bit of a movie and television buff and take an interest to anything pop-culture related.  Last, and by no means least, I cannot deny my fervent and undying love for the Food Network- endless hours of watching the Food Network.

As I embark on my time as an intern with DC Life Magazine, I look forward to sharing my own interests, perspectives, and character with all of you. Stay tuned!

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