Jeanette Zuleger joins DC Life Magazine.

Oh hello there! My name is Jeanette Zuleger and I am one of DC Life Magazine’s newest interns. I am a native Californian who has recently traded in her blond hair and surfboard to come to live in the great, “extreme weather” city, of Washington D.C. My hope is to not only experience all the Capital has to offer but to share my experiences with all of you. I currently work full time in the Advertising Law department of one of Washington D.C.’s largest law firms and I am super excited to be working with DC Life Magazine as they encompass all that is good and special about the people, the places and the events that are in this area.

I am a University of California Santa Barbara graduate (GO GOUCHOS!), as well as a recent graduate of Georgetown University’s Paralegal program (HOYA SAXA!) In my 26 years I  have already had many life experiences including a surprising two-year stint as a flight attendant for SkyWest Airlines. If you ever see me around town ask me to recite proper take-off procedures and I will…… with my tray table in the upright and locked position! I enjoy running, exercise…. basically anything athletic and, ironically enough, food. I have a weird obsession with all things British and I am an avid reader of anything from VOGUE to Harry Potter as well as a huge film buff. My goal working with DC Life Magazine is to be able to write about the things I love about D.C. and perhaps bring some of my California perspectives to this magnificent city. Make sure to keep a lookout for my postings! Until next time fearless readers!

<3 Jeanette