Ghazel Sultan joins D.C. Life Magazine.

Hello everyone! My name is Ghazel Sultan and I am the new intern at D.C. Life Magazine. I came across this opportunity casually surfing the web while working full time as a proposal writer at a security system’s firm. Considering how DC is so fixed with government/IT jobs, I was almost positive that I would never come across anything creative and so inspiring. Even though my last job was full of all sorts of “adventurous” tasks (sarcasm), I almost fell off my seat from the shock of finding such an electrifying magazine enriched with different cultures and style all available right here in D.C. – and that’s when I immediately applied for this internship and now here I am!

As a college student, I was almost positive that I wanted to major in English. Ironically, career decisions were the last thing on my mind. I enjoyed English because I was able to take courses such as creative writing and poetry so I stuck with it. But, after going to a big school and meeting all kinds of different people, my focus began to change. Inspired by different personalities I found myself becoming more creative and comfortable in my own skin. I began to express myself by the way I dressed and that’s when fashion became my obsession. However, it never occurred to me that maybe I could make a career out of something that I loved. So when I began applying for full-time jobs, the only positions that were offered to me were Proposal Writing or Admin positions. After working for a year, I finally realized how important it is to really love what you do. Hence, that has now become my mission – to love what I do professionally!

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