Last weekend, I found the perfect shop haven for the hipsters in the DMV area. The new marketplace in Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue is not for everyone trying to find normal fruits, veggies, and cheap clothing. It has a lot of diverse mini shops; from cute thrift stores and jewelry stands, to flower pots and eco-friendly foods (yes, there is such a thing). Now, I call it a hipster haven, not because they sell those oh-so-fabulous nerd glasses or the high rise jeans we all love, but because they are out of the ordinary when it comes to art and lifestyle. It is catered to a more specific audience that can appreciate the retro pieces and a new way of living. But I must admit, there was a wave of older people that were impressed by all of the creativity brought to this one area.

The market had many different stands that included a store called Speak Vintage, a thrift shop with different girly attire such as high heeled shoes, glittery shirts, and lots of cute jewelry. Sort of like a thrift shop version of a Betsey Johnson store.  Buy accessories from Allure Silver Jewelry, a collection of silver pieces from necklaces to bracelets that would definitely make a good gift. Not to mention the best organic food from EcoFriendly Foods. I never knew you could have healthy bacon? Plus, to keep you cool, there is a bakery stand that sales ice cream cupcakes. So there is a variety of selections to catch your interest.

If you try to go anytime soon, it is in a small space near the corner of the street (if you are by Ben & Jerry’s, you are getting close). It is something that you should check out if you are in the Georgetown area to see something aside from the usual stores and bars they have to offer.