Kareem Jackson A.K.A. DJ Speechless has found a way to carve a career out of the fast-changing industry of disc jockeying. Speechless is taking the “Mix tape” business to new heights with his relentless drive. He has blazed new outlets and carved out paths to discovery for numerous local artists. Early on in hip-hops adolescence, mix tapes were actually dubbed cassette tapes of songs that local DJ’s would compile for house parties & special occasions.


Traditionally, they are relatively inexpensive to make and have been helpful for new and unknown artists seeking exposure within a genre or a particular music scene.  Nowadays, mix tapes are downloadable MP3 files created as Internet promotional tools. There are many websites that allow an aspiring artist to upload their MP3 mix tape file for sharing and downloading.  However, there are a few much more prestigious mix tape websites that only authorize access to certain DJs to upload mix tapes. Some specialize in unsigned or upcoming artists and others work for major labels and upload music from well-established artists.  These mix tape websites are followed by the music industries top A&R and producers from recognizable music labels. DJ Speechless is classified as one of the chosen elite of DJs for these websites.

“Hip-hop is changing both as a culture and musical art form. Releasing a mix tape is paramount for aspiring musicians to break out.” –DJ Speechless

For most independent artists and performers mix tapes are their best opportunity to gain exposure and catch the attention of an A&R representative trolling the Internet for new talent. Recording industry executives want to see an artist that not only has a fresh sound but one who also has a loyal following of fans to match.  Major recording industry artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Fat Trell, J. Cole and many more have accredited their discovery and career launch to releasing promotional mix tapes.

A professional mix tape DJ like DJ Speechless gets hundreds of songs per week to sample and categorize. The process of aggregating a collection of songs is tedious, but it helps create a more cohesive collection of artists that fans really appreciate. Hip-hop fans have learned that there is an art to gathering songs recorded by several different artists, (who all have their own unique sound) to turn out a viable and cohesive album. DJ Speechless works, frequently, with artists that are independent of any major labels or distribution contracts. Speechless and his team work hard more for the love of music than the rather modest monetary rewards.

“Speechless is able to provide local talent access to the world music industry markets through his mix tape distribution agreements. We have supported DJ Speechless for four years now and it is great to see his career begin to flourish. We feel that he is a positive role model with an enduring work ethic.”–Eugene Smith, CEO of DC Life Magazine

DJ Speechless works with some major recording celebrities, such as Future, Gilly The Kid, Soulja Boy, Rasheeda the Georgia Peach, and Project Pat. His hustle has gained the attention of leading mix tape websites, such as Livemixtapes.com and Datpiff.com. He has been added to the World Star Hip-hop DJ Team. Currently, you can find DJ Speechless hosting the “Got Instrumentals” mix tape franchise on the home page of Datpiff.com.

Keep up with what’s happening in the DMV music scene with DJ Speechless at www.djspeechless.com


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