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Current Boutique features new and used clothing from name brand stores and independent designers

By: Sara Miller

Five years ago, Carmen Lopez opened her first consignment store in Arlington, Virginia. As an independent businesswoman, she hit the ground running. She now owns three stores in Arlington, Alexandria and Washington, DC with almost 8,000 consigners.

Current Boutique is a consignment boutique that also carries new apparel and accessories. The stores are focused on current fashions, rather than brand names. They set themselves apart from other consignment stores in the area by being picky about what clothes they will accept and offering new clothing as well. “We focus on style, [we are] not so much brand conscious,” says Gina Destro, Current Boutique employee.  Clothes must be in great condition and in-line with current styles fashionable today.

Current Boutique offers a wide variety of clothing and accessories ranging from jeans to handbags to shoes.  “Everything is a good deal,” says Assistant Manager Cara Rogers. Designer, well-made clothing can be purchased at about one-third the price of retail.  This can mean huge savings on jeans and purses.

The three stores are currently accepting Summer apparel as they only consign for the season.  “We want to represent current fashion,” says Rogers. You do not need an appointment to consign but they ask that you contact them in advance if you are bringing more than 60 items.  Items that are consigned will be on the floor for 90 days and consigners will receive 50% of the purchase price for inventory sold. Items not sold within the 90-day window are then donated to charity.

Current Boutique has something for everyone. Their clientele ranges from high school girls to women in their sixties.  Whether you are looking for a new staple item or just stopping by to pick up a new piece of jewelry, Current Boutique will have what you are looking for.

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