Mandy Ingber, known for getting Jennifer Aniston to her “Pilates body,” stopped by DC’s own Flow Yoga Center to teach a class and promote her own style of fitness, as well as her new book, “Yogalosophy.”

With the smell of lavender in the air and the stacks of yoga mats around the waiting area, you would have no idea that an intense workshop is happening in the upstairs studio of Flow Yoga Center. That is unless you happened upon the liability form on the desk, reminding you that practicing yoga, especially participating in today’s workshop, won’t always be a walk in the park. Enter celebrity fitness expert, and today’s instructor,  Mandy Ingber,

Ingber usually teaches classes in Los Angeles. She is known for introducing Jennifer Aniston to yoga, as well as helping other celebrities achieve their fitness goals. She has practiced yoga for over 40 years and eventually created her own form of fitness called  “Yogalosophy,” which has been described as a hybrid practice. Ingber describes the method as “all-encompassing and accessible for people who haven’t tried yoga: something different.” Her typical class combines yoga poses with toning exercises. For example, “a chair moves into a squat or a bridge turns into a pelvic tilt. It’s a full body workout.”

Her classes at Flow Yoga Center today drew women and men from all around DC with all different levels of yoga experience. In between the two classes, the yogis gather for refreshments and a book signing. Mandy Ingber’s new book, “Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover,” is available now and teaches “setting positive intentions and loving your body into shape.” As she signs books, she warmly thanks the women as they thank her, and she asks them how their practice felt. For some women and men who will be joining the next class, Ingber inquires if there is anything she should know about their bodies before the class begins.

For someone who is known for instructing stars, she seems right at home among these average yogis. According to Ingber, there isn’t too much of a difference between teaching celebrities and non-celebrities. The only difference, she says, is that it is “much easier to create a vibe and energy in a class [like today’s] than in a one-on-one.”

Even though Mandy Ingber won’t be back at Flow Yoga Center in the near future, I suggest picking up a copy of Ingber’s book, as well as checking out Flow for any of your yoga-inspired needs. Their classes range from a basic Pilates or Vinyasa flow class to a workshop called “Awakening to Peace Through Mindfulness Meditation.”

For more information on Mandy Ingber and “Yogalosophy” or Flow Yoga Center, check out the links below: