Running a business and maintaining other aspects of your life, such as your hobbies, passion and your personal life, can be a massive challenge. Staying motivated can be a struggle when all you want to do is sleep. So how do you pick yourself back up when you are in a momentary dip in your confidence or are too tired?

There isn’t a simple solution (not every Idiot’s Guide works, apparently) and admittedly different methods will work for different people, but we all need to stop letting the constant assault of negative thinking rule our lives. If you lose the drive to pursue a task, go and do something else for a moment. Go for a run, watch some Disney films, play a round or two of online games over at FoxyBingo—anything that will take your mind away. Then when you are refreshed, you can start again.

The primary reasons we lose motivation are a dip in confidence, wavering focus and a lack of direction. You can hardly motivate yourself to complete the tasks of the day if you don’t believe you can complete them, don’t want to, or have no clue how to go about them in the first place.

I find the best boost in confidence is the force of positive thinking. Every time I start to think, “no I can’t do this” or “this is never going to work”, I replace these thoughts with strong words like ‘can’, ‘will’ and ‘yes’. I ‘can’ do this. When daunted by a task, I point out to myself that I ‘will’ find a way to solve the issue.

You just need to remind yourself of why you are doing something in the first place—because it is your passion because your friend needs you to do it because you are on a deadline. Remind yourself about the goals you set yourself, repeat your dreams over and over. Things always seem more possible if you say them out loud. And if you still can’t find the will, perhaps you shouldn’t be pursuing it after all. What’s more motivating than a passion, after all?