Mister Days Review

I will guide you through my personal experiences, and share details on places around D.C. Metropolitan area and the demographics of the crowd: whether there are more creepers than good lookers or grenades vs. beauties. That way you know beforehand where you can go out for a ladies night to de-stress from your hectic work/school week, or where you and the fellas should go to for affordable drinks so you can buy something for a beauty you just spotted.  Well, you wouldn’t want to spend too much money anyway since she might not be so cute the next morning when you’ve sobered up. Just saying!

I wish that someone could write reviews targeting young adults regarding DMV’s hot spots. It is especially harder for someone who recently moved into the area or turned 21 to know which places are poppin’ or caution of a waste because “time is money.”  I am best to write this topic since I am a social butterfly and have been going out to D.C. since the age of 17 thanks to my fake I.D. (we don’t need to tell my parents about that).  I am single, 22 years old, and soon about to graduate from George Mason University this May. I go out frequently to D.C. and Northern VA places with friends to have a good time, dance the night away, and meet new people.

Mister Days:

As I walked into Mister Days for the first time on a Friday night, my jaw dropped. It was like walking into a beautiful candy shop of men, and my ears were heightened with good music, and the taste of affordable drinks… This place just couldn’t get better, or could it?

I can see why many of these cuties go to Mister Days; for one, there is NO cover. Secondly, the environment is laid back and relaxed. There are many televisions playing sports and games for those to watch. Drinks are affordable, and bartenders are generous with liquor. The dance floor is great for those who want to enjoy dancing the night away and mingle with others. I think the highlight of my night was when the DJ played the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show’s theme song while the crowd came together and sung in unison.

Age Demographic: Young Adults. Postgrad/Full time working. Average age range 22-29 yrs.

Creeper Status Level: Low (I did not run into any creepers neither did my girl/guy friends) Phew!

As my friend Anna said, “So many boys in here, where do I begin?”  Great place to go if you’re single and ready to mingle, or if you are hanging out with friends and wanting a good time while not spending so much money.

Friendly crowd, good music, decent size dance floor, and affordable drinks!

Will I go back? Duh! Mister Days get my stamp of approval!