The next time your searching for the perfect summer evening activity for you and your significant other, why not try a gourmet picnic on the water in historic Old Town Alexandria? There’s no need to slave away in the kitchen, the connoisseurs at Society Fair have got you covered.

Stop by the self-proclaimed “boutique emporium of epicurean delight” and marvel at the elegance of the fair-themed shop. You’ll find perfectly packaged brownie bites, cake pops wrapped with ribbon, and homemade jams of all varieties, lining the shelves. Pick up some delectable baguette sandwiches piled high with intriguing combinations like Garlicky lemon kale, house-made ricotta, and roasted fennel or braised beef shoulder, horseradish and spicy pickled leeks and grab a jar of their home-made pickles as well. For dessert, choose from their cake selection featuring “BIG-Ass Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Circus Cake, The Majestic Coconut Cake, and much more.

If it’s too hot for a night on the grass, don’t sweat it. Adjacent to the market is the Society Fair wine bar, a black and white checkered room with plush red couches, shimmering chandeliers, and fair-themed paintings (elephants carrying signs, clowns donning polka-dotted pantaloons). The wine bar has its own menu featuring much of the foods you can find in the store. If you’re in the mood for something extra special, ask about their Demo Kitchen event, a night of socializing with the chef while he prepares a three-course meal for you and ten guests. Be warned—You’ll pay a pretty penny for the experience but, if you call yourself a foodie, you really need to make a trip to this fair!