After a long week of stiff suits and fitted pencil skirts, the last thing anyone wants is to throw on a restricting, uncomfortable outfit in their downtime. Without fail, I rebel from structure and reach for my go-to drapey top, and every single time thinks, “Buy more of these”. This leads me to my dangerous store discovery – Redeem. Redeem is conveniently located on 14th Street near the U Street metro, but somehow I’ve only now noticed it sits a mere block from one of my favorite restaurants, Masa 14. This is basically my backyard and the best thing to happen to me since Fast Gourmet. I visited the store with my shopping soul mate last week and was immediately impressed with the relaxed vibe, edgy look, and yes… beautiful, drapey clothes.

I mention relaxed because each and every sales associate didn’t immediately overwhelm me as soon as I stepped foot inside. Nothing turns me away more than overly pushy associates asking if I’ve found everything okay before I even have a chance to look. My shopping soul mate and I perused the clothing for a few minutes and were then assisted by the friendly staff – in my opinion, the perfect amount of time. A few minutes of talking with the girls and I felt like a regular as they knew exactly what I liked and how much of their guidance to offer. Like I’ve said before, customer service is incredibly important to me and Redeem passes with flying colors.

The edgy vibe is due in part to the industrial feel – exposed brick, graffiti-filled concrete walls, and thoughtfully placed antique décor. I love everything about the contrast of the harsh, cold walls and delicate furniture, and the soft clothes and strong architectural features. The layout is clear and simple – men on one side, women’s on the other, and a wonderful vintage pop-up shop by Mutiny in front.

If you aren’t intrigued yet, trust me, the clothing will win you over. Each piece hangs so perfectly you know it must look just as good on (if not better). Both my friend and I fell head over heels for a soft, drapey, denim jacket with leather sleeves – can I say new wardrobe staple? It’s clothing like this that transform your t-shirt dress into a dress for a night out, or your white v-neck into an appropriate outfit for a bougie Georgetown Sunday. Everything is flattering, elegant, unique, effortless, and versatile. From basics with a twist and skinny jeans to amazing jewelry and show-stopping edgy pieces, Redeem truly delivers.

I spoke with the owner, Lori Parkerson, whose immediate love for the store and everything fashion was evident. She explained how each season she introduces new, offbeat brands to the store in order to keep things fresh. So, even if you’re a Redeem veteran of 6 years, the store will always surprise you in the best possible way. I will admit 14th Street is my location of choice when it comes to a fantastic dinner or a fun night out, but after this store visit, I’ll definitely be making a few trips while the sun’s still out.

*Redeem is located at 1734 14th Street NW. Store hours are Sunday: Noon to 6 PM + Monday: Noon to 8 PM + Tuesday: Closed + Wednesday – Saturday: Noon to 8 PM