LivingSocial’s hands-on “Sippin’ + Painting” class offers a relaxed studio atmosphere in which participants can do just that: sip on wine and learn to paint.  Whether you are an aspiring artist or just looking for some lighthearted fun, with an easel and a bottle of wine, anyone can have a good time at this unique event.

The two-hour class, which includes a personal half-bottle of wine or champagne and a canvas to take home, is available on select dates through June.  Local, experienced artists lead the classes, from guiding those who haven’t held a paintbrush in years through step-by-step basics, to letting more experienced participants create their own distinctive works.

I attended the event on June 9th, putting on a paint-smeared smock with over 25 other participants.  We filed into a bright, easel-filled space and with a paintbrush and cup of wine in each hand, painted our individual canvases while drinking and socializing.  Our well-informed instructor Ellen helped to lighten the atmosphere, jokingly warning us not to dip our brushes in our wine cups.

“It was a really fun experience”, said one participant, Michelle, after the event. “It’s something different to do in D.C., not the usual museums or eating and drinking.”  Having come to the event with her mother, whose own mother had been an artist in her day, Michelle and her mom enjoyed catching up while reviving the family’s artistic tradition.  “It’s mommy daughter day,” she laughingly called it.

“Sippin’ + Painting” is held at the LivingSocial 918 F Street offices.  But if you haven’t been to the location, be warned, this 28,000 square foot building in the heart of D.C. is far from your traditional office space.  The popular company and its merchant partners supply this first-of-its-kind venue with unique pop-up restaurants, classes, and hands-on activities that cater to personalized experiences.  Equipped with state-of-the-art kitchens for cooking demonstrations by local chefs, a basement bar for mixology classes, and three adaptable spaces for anything from yoga lessons to painting or dance classes, the building easily and flexibly adjusts to a variety of social events throughout the year.  Even if “Sippin’ + Paintin’” doesn’t sound like the event for you, be sure to check out the venue’s other upcoming live events, shows, and classes for an equally unique experience.

To learn more, or to reserve a spot in an upcoming Sippin’ + Paintin’” class, at the link below: