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Marvin Cofield is a fitness trainer for AAU basketball members, motivational speaker, and founder of the Marvin Cofield Basketball School in Beltsville, Maryland.

By: Monika Pearson

Meet Marvin Cofield, fitness connoisseur and trainer for athletes of an AAU-based organization in Potomac Valley, Maryland called, “DC Heat”.  For anyone that isn’t familiar with the term “AAU”, it stands for Amateur Athletic Union, which is one of the largest non-profit volunteer sports organizations in the United States.

I had the pleasure of picking Mr. Cofield’s brain about a few key things that should be put into perspective about achieving personal fitness goals.

Mo: What mistake(s) do you believe people make when they workout?

MC: The most common mistake is comparing themselves to another person in regards to goal setting. I have always felt there should be an app for self-esteem on phones or maybe people should visit When I train a client, we set realistic, attainable goals that are relevant to the individual.

Mo: What is the most challenging thing about the fitness process?

MC: The most challenging part of the fitness process is maintaining focus. People will maintain their vehicles much more consistently than their bodies. I give my clients a proper mental perspective.

Mo: What advice would you give someone who suffers from any physical pain about working out effectively?

MC: I don’t believe in training in or working through pain unless you’re in the military or it’s a life or death situation. Pain is a signal that something is injured and training in that area will make things worse. The most important component of a fitness program is rest and recovery. Heal first…then continue training!

Mo: What should women focus on when they work out as opposed to men?

MC: It depends on the goal. If you’re an athlete, make sure your workout is sport specific. If you’re a novice, take it slowly using strict form. If the young lady is a veteran, I would suggest shorter more intense workouts with an emphasis on tone, cardio, and flexibility. I’m old school…I would prefer my female clients to not look like or work out like men!

I had the privilege of partaking in a fitness session with Mr. Cofield a few months ago and I truly appreciated the fact that there weren’t any fancy “bells and whistles” to our workout session.  Practically every exercise I was instructed to do, I could repeat it in my own spare time whether I was inside a gym or not.

Mr. Cofield is the founder of the Marvin Cofield Basketball School (MCBS) in Beltsville, Maryland where he trains ages 3 to college-level athletes.  The MCBS offers a Sunday basketball school, personal fitness training program, and group basketball training.

Visit his site at

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