With the summer here in full effect, many women are looking for the perfect hairstyle. Some people opt for a short haircut to keep them cool while others just let their natural curls fly free. Here are some hairstyles that can help you through your summer hairstyle struggle.

The Big Chop

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson
Photo Credit: beautyriot.com 

This look is extremely popular whether or not you rock it during the summer or fall. You can wear this style with curls, beachy waves, or straight to give off the perfect summer vibe.

Natural Curls

Kelsey Murrell

Kelsey Murrell
Photo Credit: teenvogue.com 

This look is so effortless, it’s just a simple wash and goes with a leave-in conditioner and styling gel. If your curls are struggling from heat damage or looser, techniques such as Bantu

knots or a twist out will give you the same natural curly effect.

Corn Row Braids

Kim Kardashian-West

Kim Kardashian-West
Photo Credit: yahoo.com

This style is definitely a throwback look but has been a constant trend this summer and it is extremely simple to do as well as effortless. This hairstyle can easily be dressed up or down with the proper outfit and it will surely become the ultimate cute but comfy hairstyle of the season.

Box Braids

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson
Photo Credit: hairstylesupdate.com 

Box braids are the ideal summer look. The braids take forever to do, but once they are done they will leave you extremely satisfied because you can just wake up and go. This look is the definition of minimal effort but a great outcome.



Photo Credit: pretty-hairstyles.com

A ponytail is such a classic look. Literally, anyone can wear a ponytail and with any outfit. Ponytails can be worn high or low and also straight or curled. Rihanna pulled this ponytail off as well as many other sleek ponytails look anyone could love and try for themselves.

Written by: Montana Couser

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