Surviving Music Festival Season

From January to February to March and beyond, the months are flying by with the cold winter weather coming to be replaced with warm sunshine. Along with the newfound warm weather for the year comes the celebrations of it. Music festivals from spring through summer will be the “moves” for the seasons and for the fresh newbies to the scene, essentials to bring may not always be of knowledge to them. These festivals are not always a couple of hours but can be all day long and, sometimes, into the night. Here are the must-haves to pack up before you hit the road:

Festival Essential Item #1: Water

walking with water bottle, phone, keys

Drink some water!

Staying hydrated is key to having a good time, literally. No one wants to be in the middle of listening to their favorite band of the day and pass out from dehydration. Even if you forget to bring water, stop by a beverage stand at the venue and stock up on a couple of bottles in case you get stuck in a crowd going up to see a performance.


Festival Essential Item #2: Sunscreen


Apply some sunscreen!

Sunburn can be the worst to treat after a day in the sun with no type of protection to your skin. Save all the pain and drama by bringing a bottle of sunscreen when going to music festivals with an outdoor venue. Sunscreen should, also, be worn on cloudy days as well. According to the Skin Care Foundation, most of the sun’s UV rays can pass through clouds, which leads to people obtaining serious sunburns sometimes.


Music Festival Essential Item #3: Raincoat / Poncho

clear rain poncho and yellow galoshes

Rain poncho for wet weather.

Almost everyone’s had that special day they had planned out to the most microscopic detail, but sometimes the weather is not always considered during the process. For those going to music festivals in the outdoor elements, such as Broccoli Fest at FedEx Field, standing in an unannounced rain shower isn’t so pleasant. Keep that raincoat or poncho folded up in your bag to quickly slip it out when the sky decides it’s time to rain on your concert.

Music Festival Essential Item #4: Sneakers

laundry basket of sneakers

Sneakers for comfort.

For the ladies that love to “pop-out” at all the events, heels are more than likely your shoe of choice. After being in the arch breaking shoes all day, your feet will more than likely be sore. Rather than opting for walking around barefoot, bring some sneakers for when you reach that breaking point with the heels. Walking about barefoot may leave behind the pain of the heels, but not the anger someone stepping on your foot will create.

Festival Essential Item #5: Personal First-Aid Kit

first aid case

First aid for friends.

As stated before, the unexpected need to be expected. Nothing is ever guaranteed, which includes possible minor accidents or mother nature making her presence evident. Band-aids, alcohol wipes, and feminine sanitary products should be kept in the small kit, even if you do not need them. One can never know whether someone else may just need some emergency assistance.


outdoor celebration with brown hands up

Music festivals are great events to attend if you have the essentials to ensure you are prepared for anything to happen. Pack your products the night before to ensure you do not forget them at the house, head on to the festival, and enjoy yourself.