The clouds have parted and summertime is here, making coats and boots a thing of the past. Take a look at a list of handpicked outfits, inspired by this season’s biggest trends, for every occasion this summer.

Despite the cloudy temps and scattered showers, last Saturday officially marked the beginning of summer! Summer 2014 is finally upon us, and it’s time to throw away our grays and blacks in favor of brighter colors, heavy clothes in favor of airy fabrics, dark makeup for lighter palettes and rock our pretty sandals instead of clunky boots. This season’s staples include lots of white pieces and pastel colors, chunky heeled (city) sandals and chiffon fabrics.

The LA Times called “normcore” – which consists of average and unpretentious fashion staples like light wash jeans, fleece and comfy sneakers – “the fashion buzzword of 2014”. Those influences are certainly present this season as this year’s most celebrated looks are minimal, fresh and as chic as can be with one stand out piece paired with several more neutral and toned down pieces.

While animal print – cheetah, leopard, snakeskin – and stripes remain classic staples, foliage prints and playful florals have joined the ranks as the season’s must-have prints and patterns. These patterns are present on every clothing item possible from shirts and shoes to light scarves and bags.

The sporty chic trend that was introduced last fall carried over to the spring and summer. Pairing cute and flirty dresses with sneakers and dressy blouses with canvas shoes like Chuck Taylors have become a major trend.

Easy, breezy fabrics like chiffon and crocheted materials are essential to ward off the District’s summer’s heat and humidity while remaining chic, trendy and fabulous.

Although denim remains a timeless trend, it is all about the loose, distressed and over-sized this season as lightly ripped boyfriend jeans have made a major comeback and can be paired with any and everything from crop tops to button up shirts and can easily go from day to night with a quick change of shoes. Denim does not have to be confined to the bottom as shirt and dress variations of the ever popular fabric are available everywhere!

As for the matter of shoes, this season’s most coveted styles include the short, chunky heeled city sandals that are not only perfect for frolicking around the city like the style name implies, but also taking any casual outfit up a notch. They can be found in every shoe store in a wide variety of colors, prints, and patterns and are usually no longer than three inches high. Your plain old ballet flats just won’t do this summer as the wardrobe staple has been revamped with cutouts, slingbacks, pointy toes, and interesting patterns. As previously mentioned, sneakers are now considered a wardrobe staple; but don’t be afraid to branch out from classic all white air force ones as designers have introduced reworked canvas sneakers in every shade and color from metallic to bedazzled and completely changed the game.

Now that the season for beach trips and barbecues is upon us again, everybody can be a fashionista as we have provided you with all the tools necessary; just remember that this summer, the only applicable rule is one that we are all familiar with – less is more!