MISSONI for Target…What a steal it was!

Sexy, sweet, classic, Missoni masterpieces available at Target was a complete MUST! If you are lucky enough to find anything left at our nearest bulls-eye bargain store you should count your blessings. The new Missoni for Target collection was a complete steal!

The line hit stores Sept. 13th and not more than a month later it seemed as though Missoni never stepped foot in the red and white superstore. Missoni was found in almost every department. From men’s ties to baby’s pea coats, bathroom, and kitchen accessories you were able to zigzag stripe your way to a completely fashionable and stylish lifestyle. If you missed out don’t worry you might be able to catch the leftovers on www.target.com. Either way, when a well-known sassy line like Missoni comes into the homes of the average Jane Doe… you better get in line quick!

XXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

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