LookBookPop Style Spotlight: Katerina The Pacific Petite

Meet Katerina, a 27-year-old fashion and lifestyle blogger who recently moved to Los Angeles California from Northern Virginia. Soon after her move, she noticed major differences in fashion and culture on the west coast in comparison to the east coast. This discovery led to the birth of her blog, Pacific Petite. We are impressed by her trendy fashion and her ability to adapt to a fresh new west coast style.

Photography by Natalie Alvarado
Pants by Freepeople

In Washington, DC, where politics and government procurement are the local industry, “corporate fashion” is the staple of local style. Corporate and business attire has had a disproportionate amount of influence on fashion culture in the DMV, and it probably has had a long tenure ever since DC became the U.S. capital. On the other hand, fashion in Los Angeles is much less rigid. Katerina reports, “Style varies drastically across individual counties and communities within Los Angeles as a whole. So I’ve found fashion here to be a bit more expressive.”

Keep up with Katerina’s blog at https://www.Katerinamari.com
Follow her fashion on IG and twitter at @pacificpetite


DC Life Magazine has committed to helping influencers like Katerina tell their stories through our partnership with LookBookPOP,  the Fashion-forward Branding Incubator. LookBookPop offers a social media dashboard for scheduling online media campaigns that increase interactions through visual galleries and measures impact of content on conversions. Katerina is a breath of fresh air in a fashion world that has been turned upside-down by social media and influencer marketing. I love finding wonderful fashion bloggers like her who are hustling to make a way for themselves while sharing their growth with us and our audience.

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Keep up with Katerina’s blog at https://www.Katerinamari.com
Follow her fashion on IG and twitter at @pacificpetite

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