Check out the newest Men’s Skincare Campaign and get tips/tricks to better your man’s skin!Chris ink 4

Fall is filled with family time, holiday happiness, and new experiences.  We’ve noticed an array of new campaigns and couldn’t help but jump on the bandwagon.  I took about an hour in the woods with my wonderful husband and soul mate Christopher Crabb.  All to cover “His 9 to 5” a shoot which will be part of our continued Unisexed Campaign for Spring 2012.

Chris, an avid ink…cosmetics men’s skin care user and ultimate sexy rugged metrosexual, works hard and plays hard.  While at work, he sports suits by H & M® or Ralph Lauren® as you see here with a sidearm for protection at a minimum.  While on his turf (acres of open land,) for a play he’s armed with his favorite Firestorm Bow by PSE®.  I love a man who can function well in business attire.

Is your man in need of a new skincare regimen?  Have him try Chris’ foolproof technique to keep his skin feeling sexy all winter long.


Apply a small amount of Men’s Facial Cleanser by ink…cosmetics, lather and rinse.

Spread Men’s Shaving Gel by ink…cosmetics on beard area. Leave on 1 min. Shave and rinse away.

Apply Cooling After Shave by ink…cosmetics which will help hold moisture to prevent dehydration and wrinkles.

Finish with Vitamin C moisturizer by ink…cosmetics for a lightweight skin aid that will help improve elasticity.


Apply a small amount of  Men’s Facial Cleanser, lather, and rinse.

Once a week apply a small amount of Men’s Facial Scrub by ink…cosmetics on the face and neck area, massage in a circular motion, allow to sit 1-2 mins. for deep exfoliation, then rinse well

Top with Vitamin C Moisturizer.

For that extra finish, spoil him by booking a Men’s manicure at your nail salon while you get yours.

To view more photos of the ink…cosmetics campaign, check out!

XOXO Besos,

Anna Castillo

Celebrity Makeup Artista