When it comes to shopping for beauty products, not all of them are offered in the same store. Some stores may offer both skin, hair, and makeup products, but not all of the stores hold the same quality or have a reputation for selling those products. This leads to people going to their local beauty supply store for hair care products and stores, such as Ulta and Sephora, for makeup products. Bluemercury goes and above and beyond by merging the two worlds into one with their own twist on what it means to be a beauty store.

Homegrown Beauty

With 19 locations in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, Bluemercury makes itself available to customers within the city and its surrounding metropolitan area. Its first location ever created in Georgetown in the nation’s capital by Barry and Marla Beck. The store allows both partners to live out their dreams with Barry owning yet another business under his belt and Marla formulating the store brand’s makeup line. After not having time to create such products back in college, Ms. Beck made the vegan formula makeup line for customers of the Bluemercury stores. The products not only allow customers to create flawless, natural makeup looks, but also keep their skin healthy underneath. The makeup line includes products from foundations and concealers to brushes to lipsticks.


Bluemercury interior

Interior view of Bluemercury | Photo courtesy of Bluemercury


The husband and wife duo came together with Marla’s skills in creating healthy makeup products and Barry’s entrepreneurship history to create a local beauty supply store with a twist for local DC residents. Bluemercury’s success within the Georgetown area leads to the opening of stores across the country due to its unique experience for customers as soon as they step through the threshold of the store’s doors.

Redefining the Beauty Store Concept

The beauty store holds itself to a high standard for all its locations to provide customers with an almost one-stop-shop in the world of beauty. The store offers makeup, hair and skincare products not just on the high-end side of the spectrum like Nars, but mid-grade products including Mario Badescu. While the store carries mid-grade products, it is sure that they are good in quality along and not just another affordable product on the shelf. This allows for there to be no discrimination when it comes to prices because it contains a range of products for people of all different incomes. The beauty store’s affordable prices are not the only reason it continuously attracts customers.

Experience-Driven Service

Bluemercury, also, holds a quality customer service team. The staff of the stores is beauty experts in the field that ensure each customer’s experience is specifically tailored to them in the different product recommendations they should receive. For customers that find themselves unsure or uneasy on buying certain products on the spot, the beauty experts offer handfuls product samples. This allows you to go home and test them out in order to make a comfortable decision when buying certain beauty products. This, also, takes the pressure of customers to feel the need to buy the products right on the spot. Bluemercury goes beyond just beyond being a beauty store selling products to customers, but the store sells skin and hair services as well.


Bluemercury register view

Interior (cash register) view of Bluemercury | Photo courtesy of Bluemercury


From getting your hair washed and blow-dried to getting a full body massage, this beauty store offers it all. The staff performing these services have all licensed estheticians, hairdressers, cosmetologists, or massage therapists. Unlike other spa resorts, the services at Bluemercury are more affordable for its clientele while still providing an all-around relaxing experience. The store offers a range of facials, waxing, makeup application and lessons, and body massages to give customers the complete spa experience and more. All the products used within each service are held within the store, so customers to can buy said products after their service is complete to continue the experience at home.

Bluemercury is not just your average beauty store. It holds a value higher than any other beauty supply stores for the various products and services it provides to its customers along with a once in a lifetime customer service experience. For people that are in or involved with beauty products, this is definitely the place to visit when shopping for your essentials. The store, also, has an online website, which you can check out at Bluemercury.com.