Defined by their requirement for alternative lifestyle and travel, Gypsetters blend the nomadic and ease style of a gypsy with the delicacy and worldwide reference of the jet-setter. Gypsetters are artists, entrepreneurs, surfers, designers, and even yogis who consider the wanderlust and unconventional, living a high as well as a low freelance way of life, working and playing from boats in the bohemian enclaves like Kenya and Ibiza, or simply catching the waves in Montauk and Nicaragua. Some people have the freedom of moving around to various cultures gradually, deeply involving themselves into those totally. Whereas others simply move at a much higher pace traveling the world on a continuous wanderlust high trying for finding that next appropriate break, exotic culture or the remote enclave.

This bohemian gypsy style has been emerging these last years with clothing for the free bold gypsy which involves sumptuous fabric, crystal and turquoise jewels, music festivals, road trips, and bare feet. The term ‘gypset’ is utilized for describing the blend of the glamorous styling of the jet set and the romanticized gypsy-influenced appearance. Think a decidedly carefree type of opulence, a touch of oriental and think bold patterns.

Gypset style’s rules:

A fuse of Jetset and Gypsy, Julia Chaplin coined the word ‘Gypset’ which includes the nomadic energetic soul of the latter with the bon vivant presence of the former. It bends towards the layered clothing, bohemian and ethnic prints, capturing the approach of traveling the world while dealing with the glamorous global edge. Influenced by beatniks, hippies, and the lost generation, the outfits are carefree and extremely exotic but differently fashionable as well, bold yet delicate, living as a floating movement.
As said before there is a high bohemian influence in their style, whereas they are not precisely hippies, as in accordance with Mhairi Graham, Gypsies are optimistic and artistic persons who fuse art and fashion, while maintaining the laidback, relaxed way to live. While their outfits are cut back and present a laidback lifestyle, jewelry plays the major role in their entire appearance: bright stones, raffia, wooden beads, shells, chunky gold and stones, rings and necklaces, multiple bangles, collectibles and charms pendants from around the globe.

The modesty in Gypset style:

Gypset outfit must look shaky and define the found, borrowed heritage of gypsy. As according to Chaplin’s explanation, a jewelry designer who would instead exercise of a town in Mexico than in Paris, Gypset is actually about copying your own ambiance via artistic perception.

The culture of Gypset:

Gypset is not limited to a single continent or culture. Created by an artistic community of designers, artists, explorers, and surfers, they create a global identity never restricted to one position. It presents a mixed culture of wanderlust society which likes the local reliability of exotic and remote town’s – the last line of defense is geography against the globe which is highly accessible.

The bohemian Gypset style:

Gypset is a trendy style which is a mixture of jet-set gypsy free-energetic and glamour. Simple, loose-fitting outfit, characteristic of their simple lifestyle, is followed by ample jewelry.


There is a reckless free thinking soul to the set of Gypset, sometimes after being found at a whole night party in Montauk or Ibiza.