The Bernard Chandran womenswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 takes you on a deeper understanding of ‘Give Face’ – design inspirations and creative reinterpretations that are beyond the mythical creatures of a dragon, Phoenix, and gold but one that expounds the purified attitude of ‘俾面’ (Respect). ‘Give Face’ is an expression in the Chinese culture, where one would respect the other person especially those who are older, even though he/she may agree or disagree with the person’s opinion.

Drawing on a mixed oriental cultural heritage, perhaps no other designer could avidly interpret the cultures of the Far East than one who is born and practicing it.  As Chandran is best known for his skill and craftsmanship in revolutionizing the luxury traditional designs that are befitting for the Royals, he has cleverly arbitrated the Oriental aesthetics with modern interventions fit for prêt-couture.

Whether Chinese Opera reference or Chinois sunflower motifs, royal jade embellishments and brocade refinements, ‘俾面’ in cheeky prints or dramatic 70s reveries, they’ve all made their way into Chandran’s men’s and women’s collections. We can see the diversity of the different eras and the quirky mix of styles blended with ‘the now, the former and the future’ in one unified theme.

A modern sequence of rich oriental colors – emerald green, gold purple, maroon, black, blue & red clicked poetically with luxurious textures – brocade, silk la mè, organza and fur to depict a sense of luxury and richness that accompanies with the wintery moods.

The outlines – extra wing cuffs, boxed pleats bottom, Chinese bustier corset Oriental opera sleeve, batwing sleeves, and boot cut overlap trousers are groomed into a luxury vision of mind-blowing modern elegance.

Written by: Eschelle Demure

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