Contributed By: Atelier D’Artistes

Artistic instinct and inspiration combine with Armani’s design language, defining new proportions yet keeping intact its innate elegance and refined natural quality. Pure, essential shapes follow body movements with balanced asymmetrical cuts, tapering the silhouette with precision.
Small jackets with three-quarter-length sleeves, short dresses with defined waists and asymmetrical hems, pyjama jackets and lightweight duster jackets, pleated skirts and trousers revive wardrobe classics with a strong personality.

The surprise element is in the prints and color choices: bold and instinctive color combinations reflect a painter’s palette, while prints reference soft brush strokes or geometric motifs.


The vivid palette comprises pink, red, light blue and green hues, mixed with graphic zest and underscored with black and white lines. A collection with an eclectic spirit that enhances femininity.