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Fashion Week Survival Kit

Fashion Week Survival Kit

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has come and gone. This is just the beginning. No other fashion weeks will follow and we have brought together a must-have survival kit for you last through the entire fashion craze.

By: Anna Castillo

So grateful I had the chance to attend my fourth NYFW again this year. I was able to check out some of the latest trends not only on the runway but in the city! Let me tell you, I LOVE NY! Upon my return, I saw so many invites to attend other Fashion Week events and thought how important it was that I brought the right things with me. I believe you should have some essential items while attending your shows whether it is for fun or to cover the events for work.

Here are my must-have fashion week items when I attend any show:

FW Outfit: I always wear something black. It’s chic and slimming. Not to mention I am usually doing makeup at some of these events and if I get anything on me, it’s easy to disguise.

Sunglasses: I can’t live without them! They are great for walking from show to show and to hide your nonverbal while looking at some of the unusual or not so pleasant designs.

Lipgloss: Need I say more?

iPad 2: This is a must for me. If I need to take a quick video or photo and post it makes it so much easier than lugging around my Nikon.

My phone: Uh… yeah. Don’t leave home without it!

Chargers: I try to pop into a Starbucks and plug in while I am ordering.

Starbucks Card: My charger! 😉

Black Messenger Bag: Used to carry my life.

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Gum: Not only for me but for those who tend to get a little close while at shows. First impressions must be your best impressions.

Excedrin Tension Medicine: You never know!

Water Bottle with Filter: This is a big one! It is important to hydrate whenever possible. FW days can be long.

Crystal Light: I hate drinking water all day so I like to change it up. All I need to do is buy the water bottle, shake it up and voila!

100 Cal Snack: Great for those in-between hunger pangs.

Flats: Your feet will love you for this! This is why I carry a bag that is big enough to hold all my essential items. Heels are great but when you are wearing them all over town, sometimes you need a break.

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