The cold winter weather may finally come to an end, and its time for us ‘fashionistas’ to fill our closets with the latest spring fashion trends.

Some “must-haves” this spring is clothing in diverse floral prints for mixing and matching. Also, orange! Have you seen the hit show “Orange is the New Black”? Well, they got it all right because truly, orange is the new black this season.

You shouldn’t be afraid to wear color this spring. After a long, cold winter, color is just what we need to brighten up our moods. Not simply are vivid colors beautiful to the eye, but they also make a bold statement which is what this spring is all about.

Have you perhaps spotted all the little crop tops in the stores around town? At first glance, they might look a bit too revealing, but for spring 2014 they are a necessity! Crop tops in basic colors, with edgy or romantic floral prints, are all comfy but yet fashionable “it-products” for this season. Mix and match them with skirts, shorts, jeans or maxi skirts for diverse and trendy looks.

What about the maxis? For spring 2014, the maxi skirts and maxi dresses are crucial items to the spring wardrobe. There is no easier way to get the timeless spring/summer look than to slip on a flowy maxi dress. Perhaps add a bold necklace and a pair of sandals (or a pair of heels for festive occasions), and the look is complete Voilà!

Wanna stay playful and young this spring? Then jump on the jumpsuit and playsuit train! The little playsuits in diverse colors, prints, designs, and fashions are must-haves this spring, too. These practical yet fashionable rompers are perfect for spring activities, and for a night out about town, the elegant jumpsuit is a perfect choice. Jumpsuits can be edgy, playful or timeless, why not buy one for every occasion? You can bet I already have.

Let’s talk about shoes. Well, what about them then? For this season the new trend of “chunky heels” seems to have arrived with a bang. A pair of low chunky heels for daytime and a massively high chunky heel for nighttime are two pairs of heels worthy of investing in this season. The wedges are also still very trendy for this spring, so don’t toss them out! Wedges are perfect for both day and night, not simply are they fashionable but also quite comfy.

Perhaps you are more of the ‘sporty’ kind? Then read this; you can keep your sporty look even this season! A pair of Nike Air Max’s or Nike Air Force’s will be the perfect addition to your spring closet to stay fashionable yet comfortable and sporty at the same time. Or perhaps you prefer Jordan’s? Then a pair of Air Jordan’s might do the trick for you. These fashionable and sporty shoes will be perfect additions to your spring closet. Everyone could use a pair or two of hot sneakers for everyday life.

The cherry blossoms will soon bloom, and DC will become magical as always during this season. With that in mind, let your surroundings inspire you. Keep your fashion interesting this spring, because there is no time for dullness and boring clothes for this season!