After taking a much-needed cruise trip to Cozumel, Mexico, I came back home to the states with a relaxed mind and body. After all, getting a nice tan on the beach gives you plenty of time to rest. But it was not until I came back to Miami where I saw something that always catches my eye. Fashion. Apparently, in Mexico, they dress just like us for the states, unless there is a special occasion. In that case, they wear those infamous bright dresses, ruffles, and sombreros. But when I got to Miami, it wasn’t the sundresses or bikinis that got my attention, but more so their head accessories. More particularly, the turban headbands that all of the beach girls were rocking. I thought that it was just one of those trends everyone was doing, even up here in the DC area. Until I realized that the girls up here had more of an edge. An edge that they wanted to show in the newly stylish baseball caps. Well, which is better for the summer season? The hippie headbands from South beach or the tomboy chic baseball caps from the DMV?

Well, let’s compare and contrast the two emerging trends starting with our own DC area caps. Embodying the masculine style of menswear has become a new phenomenon among the daring females of today. Yes, it may seem like you had a lazy day and just wanted to cover up your bad hair day, but if done properly, it can appeal to the crowd as a way to show how your clothes do not dictate your sexuality and womanly confidence you wish to profess to the world. Most women shy away from this style because of the bulkiness it can show on your head. After all, you didn’t get that new color in your hair just to hide it. If worn the wrong way, it can easily turn into female pick-up truck get-up. The proper way to style the cap is to add feminine touches and match the cap with ease to your outfit. Think Rihanna on her days off. Do not let the cap wear you. Try pairing it with heels and boyfriend jeans for a look that exudes confidence and comfort. For a more playful vibe, where a multi-colored cap with an outfit of solid prints to bring the outfit together. Not to mention, it’s a versatile piece to have in your closet since it can be worn in the summer and the fall. The best ones are at Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal where they have a wide selection of prints and sizes.

Now let’s take it down to Miami, where everyone lives in a bikini, and always have those hard to get wavy hairstyles. Which is probably why they wear the headbands most of the time; to keep their hair secure after all of the water and walking around. I totally agree with doing whatever you need to do to keep the frizz down. Now since it is Florida, they have a much different vibe than DC. They are fonder of vibrant colors and standing out in the sun. And when you think about it, when you spend a majority of your days in a bathing suit, you need something to let people know you have a sense of style. So, why not use your accessories? The chain headbands aren’t enough to satisfy these ladies. They need thick, vibrant bands (usually pulled back on their heads’ you can also place it around your forehead) to get that bohemian-free feeling they are trying to accomplish. Think Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie on their way to Coachella. The best way to accomplish this look is to pair it with very soft and light clothing, such as your favorite maxi dresses and maxi skirts, or go with a colorful bandeau top and vest to tie different colors together. And if you have long hair, I envy you, because this playful style will look even better with your long locks to peek-a-boo right underneath the colorful band. Just check out stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe where they have them the most affordable, and in a different assortment of colors.

Which style do you think you would rock this season; the edgy, DC baseball caps, or the playful South Beach headbands? Comment down below and let DC Life Magazine know your style preference.